About the Software

eCoach Solutions is an international IT firm whose main goal is to create a fusion between IT and education through the creation of various software applications to aid in the various aspects of the teaching and learning process.

eTest is an e-learning platform which enables students to take tests and get scored electronically. At present, the eCoach Content Department, in collaboration with teachers from various top-range schools, has taken charge of supplying basic mock tests on the platform.

Unique Features

• All tests are timed
• Tests are automatically graded
• Comprehensive notes on all topics
• Test history allows users to view their performance over time
• It consists of topic tests on every topic across every subject spanning from PRIMARY 1 to SHS 3
• In addition to the topic tests, it also contains BECE and WASSCE past questions to date for all subjects


Screenshots from the Software


• Free timed-test question library to help students to increase their speed during examinations
• Performance history enables students to know their progress over time as well as identify their weak spots and strengths
• Content is always updated from time to time giving students more questions and tests to take
• Availability of past questions also help students to take past questions test to enable them assess themselves before writing mocks
• Free yearly updates will ensure students always have the latest past questions as well as latest content available
• It saves time since tests are instantly marked and automatically scored
• Schools can conduct tests as often as they want in preparing students for final exams
• The incidence of copying is reduced since tests are randomized
• It also exposes the students to ICT
• Graphical and tabular representation of scores gives a clearer picture of performance
• Since tests are time-bound it could be used to train students to be faster and work more accurately
• Any type of question can be set using this system. Ranging from multiple choice single answer, multiple choice multiple answers, fill in the blanks, matching questions etc.
• Parents can also follow the performance of their wards by asking them to take tests.
• Saves money since Section A or Objective part of exams can be carried out without having to print exam papers every time Students do not need to buy textbooks or past questions, all they need to do is to log in, learn and take tests.
• It allows teachers to also upload their own questions and create their own tests
• eTest enables students to also prepare adequately for standardized exams.
• Students can be tested as often as possible to make sure that they know their performance as well as their weak points so as to tackle these weaknesses. Partnership

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