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LDS management on Interracial Marriage (component 1 of 4)

LDS management on Interracial Marriage (component 1 of 4)

I’m excited to introduce Dr. Taylor Petry, a professor that is associate Kalamazoo university, and editor when it comes to Dialogue Journal. In this very very first section, we’ll speak about exactly exactly just how LDS leaders have actually changed the way they discuss battle issues, specially in relation to interracial wedding on the 20 century that is th. Is this much like changes that are possible LGBT dilemmas?

Taylor: the standard method in which we’ve told the real history regarding the priesthood ban happens to be primarily around concentrating on battle since the exclusive category. But once we began studying the conversations which were occurring and exactly exactly what church leaders had been saying about battle within the 1950s and 60s, we saw instantly that wedding had been one of several big issues. Why had been they and only segregation? Why did they oppose rights that are civil? Why did they have even church policies that will avoid wedding into the temple?

Simply because they had been actually worried about interracial intercourse. They believed that this is a large, big issue. We now have this ideology that is whole battle and racialized teams, that this team ended up being destined to get this done, and also this group had been destined to accomplish this. (more…)

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