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IndigoRain wrote “I’d have waited for someone We enjoyed.”

IndigoRain wrote “I’d have waited for someone We enjoyed.”

Or at least somebody whose strategy did not leave you bored, although we all have off times. 😉

To answer the OP’s question, as long as you’re available and honest if the subject pops up, do whatever you like. There has been periods within the last 12 years with my girl when one or both of us have not really been in to the entire sexy time thing. On occasion, we’ve gone half a year or maybe more without.

And FWIW, I’m not sure a lots of people who will be into kinks beyond perhaps having sex in weird places or liking the greater run of this mill toys. The majority of us intimate individuals are doing pretty straightforward penis-in-vagina, dental, or stimulation that is manual. That is not to state you can findn’t loads of individuals available to you into anal, bondage, or whatever, or that there is any such thing odd about those specific proclivities, not being into them is not odd, either. (more…)

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