Circulation of print publications has decreased, but print advertising remains a viable marketing method.

Newspaper advertising includes publications such as national, local and community newspapers. According to popular research, small businesses have an advantage over national businesses when it comes to newspaper advertising.
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Websites offer many benefits for the home business owner. For some online entrepreneurs, they are storefronts selling goods. Others earn income through advertising, sponsorships and affiliate marketing, such as on blogs.

If a website is like an online magazine (such as a blog), it only makes money if people visit and buy from advertisers. As a marketing tool, websites deliver information about your business only if the market knows about and visits it.

Web promotion is how online businesses get the word out about the website. The more targeted traffic (visitors who fit your target market) a website receives, the better the chance of generating leads, making sales, earning ad income, and gaining clients.

Website Promotion Best Practices

  • Know your target market
  • Use search engine optimization strategies
  • Promote where your market hangs out
  • Hook your market with a message that speaks to them.
  • Track your efforts.

Anything that allows you to include your website URL can be considered promotion including an email signature line or participating in online forums.
Here are a few common website promotion tactics: Email marketing (note, every website owner should have an email list!), Blog marketing, Social Media Advertising, Search engine marketing, SEO, Article Writing/Guest Blogging, YouTube Videos (Your own or on another hosts video TV show), Podcasting (Your own or on another host's show)