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A bit of background research revealed that they entered the power tool market somewhere in 2013. The company has since introduced a bunch of high profile products, mostly weed eaters and string trimmers, for a large variety of power users out there. By the way, 4 stroke string trimmers use an entirely different fuel type as compared to 2 T’s. Therefore, you cannot use 4 T’s oil/ fuel in the conventional 2 stroke engine string trimmer. The Husqvarna draws its considerable power from a two-stroke gas engine. It’s not the lightest power tool at 16 pounds, but it makes up for the weight with an ergonomic grip and an impressive motor that helps to cut through dense overgrowth.

husqvarna weed eater reviews

I bought a weed trimmer 10 months ago after researching reviews on different brands on the internet. So there you have it take your time to check them out and see which one is right for you. Instead of wire or plastic for the cutters some of them have blades, and a few even have double blades, making it easier for them to cut through resilient things. When checking them out you’ll find even more have speed changers so you can control how fast you want to be trimming based on what you are working on and where you are. On the other hand these batteries are rechargeable and if you didn’t want to wait for it to recharge you can always decide to buy a second battery.

Husqvarna 128ld Weed Eater String Size

One of the greatest benefits of this trimmer is that it’s compatible with Ryobi’s line of “Expand-It” products. By purchasing extra attachments, you can easily convert this one tool into many others, including an edger, blower, and tiller. If you need more than just a string trimmer to tidy up your lawn, you’ll save money and storage space with this Ryobi tool.

Best strimmer 2021 – top buys to trim and edge your lawn with ease – Ideal Home

Best strimmer 2021 – top buys to trim and edge your lawn with ease.

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It weighs 11 lbs and its detachable shaft enables a tool-less and easy separation for easy transport and storage. This also allows up to 11 different attachments with a simple ‘Click On’ install to get a hedge trimmer, brush-cutter, tree pruner, and lots more. With technical characteristics, the tool of this type is quite similar to the previous one, and the main difference is in the smaller engine power and mobile design. This trimmer doesn’t come with a harness or strap to support it with your shoulders. It is not the heaviest of trimmers, at 13.1 lbs, but a strap would have been a nice feature.

Best Lopper Reviews

If you are looking for a more all-in-one trimmer, you might want to opt for a Poulan Pro PP428S or the Troy-Bilt TB575EC. Just click on those names for our review of those trimmers. At an MSRP of $340, it is not the cheapest machine in its class, but you get the satisfaction of owning a high quality product that is going to last and give you dependable service. If you want a high-torque trimmer for commercial or heavy residential use, you might like the Makita EM2652LHN. The shaft is also fitted with a vibration damping system to further reduce user discomfort.

  • The Husqvarna 324L and the Husqvarna 322L were selected for this Husqvarna weed eater review because they are popular high-quality gas weed eaters.
  • If, however, you want the “Cadillac” of battery-powered string trimmers, this could be the tool for you.
  • Gas-powered weed eaters are known for their duty, capability, and power.
  • It is a very lightweight trimmer that offers you the freedom to maneuver in different positions and angles.
  • If you are looking for options, you will see that the Husqvarna 322L String Trimmer is a leading choice as a commercial weed eater.
  • Although they might go by two different names, there is no difference between the trimmer line and weed eater string.
  • Ryobi weed eater is always the favorite brand of most of the public because of the overall characteristics, especially its strength, prestige, and quality.

Thanks to that, the appearance of the weed eaters from this brand later was also warmly received. When you unpack your weed eater, it should be easy to assemble and start using. Keeping it clean and in good condition will prolong its life, and maintenance should be easy to carry out.

You won’t need to hunt around for this model’s choke and purge buttons, which is significant difference from commercial models of the past. On the Husqvarna 129C, both buttons are centrally located to make ignition a breeze. Speaking of which, this weed eater’s pull cord doesn’t require almost any extra effort at all.

husqvarna weed eater reviews

In fact, you can break down this unit to a shorter length by engaging its couple point. This action doesn’t require any tools, either, which makes transporting this unit as easy as can be. Another benefit is that it’s likely one of the universal line types that are easy to use in nearly every weed trimmer on the market. Obviously, though, it will also require more power from your weed eater to work as efficiently as a thinner line. One of the most important things to look at before settling on a specific spool of weed trimmer line is its compatibility with different weed trimmer models.

Instead of manually pulling out all your weeds by hand, you can use a motored machine to the work quickly for you. Whether you decide to purchase an electric string trimmer or a gas-powered one, they are both capable of improving the outside appeal of your house. We recently had the chance to test out the Husqvarna 520iLX, one of the string trimmer entries in the brand’s line of 36V tools. We measured its performance against other battery-powered string trimmers from a variety of other manufacturers.

Well my luck changed recently when I left my laptop open and my dog jumped up on the table and accidentally hit a royal flush on the online slots I was playing. After first taking my dog to a Bang-Kaew puppy pampering salon I decided to start making my life more convenient. I mentioned earlier in the review that you will find yourself using it at a quarter or half throttle most of the time. At its price point, we think you would be hard-pressed to find a better deal anywhere.

Poulan Pro Pr25cd Curved Shaft Gas Weedeater

If it’s possible, you want a trimmer that can do more than just trim. At its base, a trimmer is just an engine attached to a longer pole, and there is a ton of potential for uses beyond just keeping your grass tidy. It also comes with shoulder straps and an additional support strap to make carrying the trimmer easy over long periods of time. The cutting equipment does add some extra pounds, but overall both of these should be okay to use for long periods of time. Each makes hundreds of different models of tools and their products can be found all over the planet.

This model also includes a multi-position handle that is surprisingly easy to adjust and lock back into place. Taken together, the Craftsman WC205 provides a comfortable grip that won’t your hands aching after an hour or two of use. This anti-vibration system also plays well with this model’s loop design handle, which is comfortable whether you are working with or without gloves on. In fact, there are so many that many popular brands have begun to lower their prices in order to remain competitive. A buyer like you could really benefit from those lower prices, especially if you are shopping on a budget. The Husqvarna 128LD is also a champion when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Best Husqvarna Weed Eaters Of 2021

A unique 360-degree inclinable 4-cycle motor allows you to use and store the trimmer in any position. Similarly to COOCHEER, PROYAMA offers an extra-powerful heavy-duty tool with a large variety of capabilities. In fact, it’s a full-value brush cutter that can be used as a conventional trimmer. The husqvarna weed eater reviews tool has a convenient U-shaped handle and a full-shoulder strap system that makes it a pleasure to carry the tool the whole day long. I recommend COOCHEER’s 42.7cc string trimmer for gardeners who look for a powerful combined solution that can deal with anything from grass to dense brushwood.

Now, there aren’t just a couple Husqvarna string trimmers models, there is a big variety of weed trimming tools and I am only going to look at the Husqvarna string trimmer models. At this time husqvarna has about 20 weed whacking models to choose from. I know that it might seem mind-boggling to pick just one, but Husqvarna has split them into categories by your needs and skill. This trimmer provides well-balanced and easy control so that you can cut for a long time. It would be one of the best gas string trimmers for the money if it doesn’t produce extra noise.

Low helped us trim with greater finesse and conserve its battery charge. Its safety latch and trigger are easy to squeeze, and the rabbit/tortoise icon on the speed-control switch nearby is clearly visible and easy to move. We do think the alignment arrows on the line head cap could be more visible. It was the only demerit, and a small one, that we could find on this fine machine.

Equipped with a 17” Kwik Loader two-line head, the Ultra Quiet® line significantly reduces the trimmer’s noise level. While the engine specs are almost identical to the Husqvarna analog, the ergonomics of the model are slightly improved. The shaft holder is much easier to adjust as it doesn’t require a screwdriver to release the part and move it to the needed position. This weed eater is excellent for professional and personal use and lets you easily trim hard-to-reach areas.

What Is A Weed Eater?

Though Amazon customer’s suggest this trimmer’s battery life is better than most other battery-operated products, it is still best suited for small jobs. Since there is only one included battery, it is important to be able to finish the job on one charge. As a plus, features such as the automatic feed spool system and low noise design make your small jobs even more manageable.

husqvarna weed eater reviews

Exceptional performance due to superior 2 stroke gas powered engine. If the problem still persists, it is most likely because of the fuel filter. You should get a replacement filter and a new spark plug just to be on the safe side. On an overall level, this string trimmer relatively does not bother users with any major issues or repair related concerns. Husqvarna is also offering limited warranty on all their brand new product purchases to help users with any problems down the road. Although slightly expensive above average price in the market, Husqvarna makes it up by offering a classic blend of reliability, quality and amazing weed eating capabilities.

After that, we took the trimmer head apart and examined how much dirt got in, if any. Past tests have taught us that a head full of dirt will stop line feed dead in its tracks. We also evaluated how easy it was to load fresh line into the head; every machine needed it after its session. Finally, we stepped back and took a deep breath as we surveyed what we had cleared.

That motor includes QuickStart technology, too, so you won’t need to tire yourself out to simply get the unit working. Gas trimmers are a smart choice if you have a lot of acreage and thick grass that requires more power and runtime. However, gas weed eaters are typically heavier, requiring more energy to handle than an electric or battery-powered trimmer.

This Craftsman model is suitable for contractors and landscapers looking for a robust and effective tool. This model features design and construction with a 27cc gas-powered motor, featuring two-stroke operation. You get a translucent tank to check on your fuel level and easy 3-step starting. This brush cutter features compatibility with any Greenworks 2.0-Ah battery pack. This machine runs near-silent, keeping the noise down for your neighbors when you’re working on a Saturday morning. You get performance equivalent to a 32cc motor, with extended range and runtimes of up to an hour.

husqvarna weed eater reviews


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